VCIIPatented Shrinkable Fabric Offers Three Layers of Protection during Transportation and Storage

Transwrap shrink wrapping film is a patented alternative to packaging and protecting products from numerous elements during shipping and storage. Conventional packaging products can be abrasive or cause condensation, are difficult to work with and don’t provide the strength needed for specialty transportation covers and storage covers.

Furthermore, Transwrap offers a unique, patented VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) called the VCI Delivery System. This provides premium corrosion protection in even the most corrosive environments.

Want to see our literature on all of our shrinkable fabric covers (including a Spanish translation brochure)? 

Transwrap – Three Layers Of Protection

Transwrap ‘s outer layer is a special bright white polyethylene shrink/stretch film. The middle layer is a hot melt adhesive containing no solvents. The inner layer is a soft, cloth-like polyester material. The combination of these three products provides surface protection to even Class A automotive finishes during transportation. Transwrap’s unique non-abrasive composition protects from the elements during transportation and storage, without causing damage to the paint, gel coat or decals.

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