Why Choose Transwrap For Industrial Applications?

industrialTranswrap industrial film wrap and large equipment shrink wrap is a unique alternative to packaging and protecting industrial and large equipment from harsh elements during shipping and storage. Transwrap covers contain a patented vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) called the VCI delivery system. This provides premium corrosion protection in even the most corrosive environments.

Transwrap – Easy And Convenient

Conventional packaging products can be abrasive or cause condensation, are difficult to work with and don’t provide the strength needed to package or cover unique products. Transwrap covers are easier to apply than most other products on the market and in just a fraction of the time.

Transwrap develops custom-fit covers to match the need of the customer, from diesel engine shrink covers and train shrink wrap to buses to specialised pallet covers. Since the covers are custom fit, there is less taping, tucking and folding than there would be with other forms of packaging or covering. Simply install the cover, fix it to the product being covered and shrink it tightly.

In some cases, Transhield can be reused, thus allowing it to be put on and taken off numerous times.

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