Excellent quality and easy to install. Make sure your support poles are tall enough to allow you to properly tie this to the sides of the boat.


Transwrap Pontoon Universal 6-Feet Height Boat Cover

Five Stars. Performed exactly as described.


Transwrap V-Hull Boat Cover

Great cover. This is my second one. The first one survived several New England winters and finally succumbed to the mice that chewed holes in it when It was stored it in the shed over the summer. The special fabric keeps moisture from accumulating and is heavier than typical boat shrink wrap. I purchased the 19-21′ for my 18′ center console. The extra length covered the outboard and center console with no issues. They have great customer support. You will likely need to shrink this for a tight fit. A real propane shrink wrap gun is ideal but I have used a “weed burner” type propane torch very carefully and at a distance successfully.


Transwrap V-Hull Boat Cover

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